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RAMBO Krusader 3.0 - AWD Step Thru Hunting Electric Bike

RAMBO Krusader 3.0 - AWD Step Thru Hunting Electric Bike

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The Krusader 3.0 is the original all-wheel drive bike in the fat tire hunting world and it just keeps getting better! Equipped with two 500w motors, this bike has the power of a 1000w bike, but disperses it between both wheels. This bike has been one of the top sellers for 4 years running. This is a fan favorite of hunters in the Midwest. Since the Krusader 3.0 is the Midwest hunting workhorse, it comes with the equipment to match. You will find an AWD specific LCD, showcasing battery level, trip, run time, speed, wheel engagement, and RPM per motor. New for 2024, the Krusader 3.0 comes standard with e integrated rear rack, full HD front and rear fenders, and the LED custom headlight. Other notable improvements include adding custom drive system and headlight switches that are handlebar mounted for easy adjustments!


In some cases bikes may come with some accessories such as fenders and racks but may not be shown. Please inquire for details. 

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