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HEYBIKE Ranger - Fat Tire Step Through 500W 48V Class 3 Electric Bike

HEYBIKE Ranger - Fat Tire Step Through 500W 48V Class 3 Electric Bike

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In some cases bikes may come with some accessories such as fenders and racks but may not be shown. Please inquire for details. 

Close-up view of shock absorber seat, black color
Shock Absorber Seat

This device is sensitive to displacement and can suppress the vibration and shock when crossing a rough and uneven road.

Close-up view of cargo rack and removable battery of Heybike Ranger ebike
Super Loading Space

The sturdy cargo rack helps you carry groceries, gear and more when you're out on the roads or trails.

Specialized Removable Battery

Lockable 48V 15Ah Lithium-Ion battery covers a range of up to 40-55 miles per charge. Plenty for most one-day adventures and commutes. Easy to remove and charge at your home or office.

A man folds his Heybike ranger ebike and easyly loads it into an RV trunk

Foldable for RV Trips

Folding bikes are not only popular with city commuters but they’re also super convenient for people who have limited living space - like a studio apartment or shared house. It's also much easier to be taken with you on RV trips or even canal boat.

Front Suspension Fork

The front fork has a built-in suspension for improved shock absorption and smooth riding.
Close-up view of front suspension fork
Close-up view of hent handle which include LED screen, shimano 7-speed controller, brake, and throttle


The design of the bent handle is more in line with the physiological structure of the human body.

Comfortable Damping Seat

A comfortable and adjustable seat combined with shock absorption, making your ride both smooth and stable.
Shock-absorbing adjustable seat with close-up

Dual Front Light

Ride safe using the bright headlight with a unique LED circle that lightens up your way while also making you easily visible to others.
Close-up view of dual front light
20 inch x 4.0 inch resistant fat tires, fully forged one-piece rim

20" x 4.0 Resistant Fat Tires

The newly upgraded 4" wide puncture-resistant fat tires have better performance and a cooler appearance. In addition to city roads, you can ride on snow, beaches and rugged mountain roads, etc.
Close-up view of the right grip, LED screen, shimano 7-speed, brake of a Heybike ranger e-bike

Shimano 7-Speed

Dropping into a lower gear can make the pedaling easier on hills or at low speed, and then shifting up into the highest gear gets the bike going fast again.

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